After carbon monoxide poisoning at a Hampton Inn in Ohio, seven people were hospitalised in severe condition on Saturday.

Officials say seven individuals were hospitalized in severe condition Saturday following carbon monoxide poisoning at a Hampton Inn in Ohio.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, nine people were sent to area hospitals. The source of the carbon monoxide was unknown, according to Marysville Fire Chief Jay Riley, although everyone who was hospitalized had been in the hotel’s pool area.

Riley stated that both children and adults were among the casualties. He didn’t say how old he was.

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The Hampton Inn in Marysville got a 911 call Saturday evening about a 2-year-old child who had either fallen into the pool or was discovered unconscious in the pool, according to authorities. According to Marysville Police Chief Tony Brooks, further 911 calls regarding unconscious persons or others who experienced symptoms like dizziness and burning in the throat quickly followed.

Shortly after, the hotel was evacuated. All of the injured were alive when they were transferred, according to Brooks, and seven of the patients were in serious condition.

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Two more were treated on the spot, and five more eventually sought care at a hospital on their own, according to Brooks.

Late in the Saturday, the Dispatch was unable to contact any members of the hotel management.